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Whether you need to order a full vehicle decal kit, or replacements panels following an accident, we design the files to make the whole process a breeze.
We can revise any of our kits to fit a particular vehicle or reproduce your current graphics.



3M Reflective Removable Vinyl Coupled With 3M Gloss Protective Over Laminate

  • 3M Certified Inks

  • Digitally Printed/Machine Laminated

  • Pre Masked With 3M Transfer Paper

  • 5 Year 3M MCS Warranty Against Fading and Cracking

       Graphic Kit Details:

  • Produced as individual sections/panels for easy handling and installation

  • Production of solid full length one piece sides available (additional charges may apply)

  • Repair pieces available in quantities of 10+, mix of left and right side pieces upon request

       Available Options:

  • Reproduction of your department’s existing graphics.

  • Redesign/Modifications of your department’s existing graphics.

  • Design/Production of custom graphics for your department.

  • True 22k and imitation gold graphics available.

  • Oracal Prismatic Chevron ASTM D4956 and NFPA 1901 Approved

  • Graphic Kits starting at $400

  • CGVA also offers various options on graphic kits to fit within your department’s budget.

  • Orders of 10+ Graphic Kits includes free graphic design time.

  • Free installation at our location for all fleet orders

  • Shipping available

  • Recommended 3M Certified Installers in your local area upon request

law enforcement reflective graphics

Choose any our law enforcement kits for free use. No design fees, color revisions included.

reflective police graphic decals
All of our pre-designed kits are free to use for your new and existing fleet vehicles. Add your service area name and request a color change on any kit with no additional fees. Service area name (city/county/state) are included with all designs. Kits can be adjusted to fit any vehicle. 

Custom Designed Graphic Kits

CGVA offers the latest in reflective, and non-reflective materials from top brands such as 3M, Orafol, and Arlon. We offer materials to meet all specifications, and requirements.
Awarded graphics contracts include 3M High Gloss UV Protective Over Laminate FREE!

3M protective over laminate increases the materials life 65%.

Unlike the "common" un-laminated graphics, our added protective laminate will not allow UV rays, road debris, or natural elements to fade or destroy the ink/materials.

Protective over laminate will also reduce the chances of the inks being scratched by keys, fingernails, or other objects. The high gloss properties of the over laminate give the graphics packages a fresh paint look, and does not effect the reflective properties of the material.

Refresh Designs

Our "Refresh Designs" are a reproduction of the current graphic design being used by the department, but are slightly altered/updated. To ensure all departments keep a consistent fleet appearance, we ensure the "Refresh Design" will not alter the overall visual recognition of the vehicles.

Graphics are printed on the latest wide format printer, and solvent ink technology from Roland (3M approved inks).

reflective police graphic decals
police ghost graphics

Ghost Graphics

If you've ever seen an all-black police car with black lettering, it could be a specially-marked police vehicle with what is known as ghost graphics.

It can be hard to tell if it's actually a police vehicle, especially in the dark. The lettering is reflective, but is a dark enough color that at first glance, it might just look like a normal SUV.

All of our predesigned kits along with any custom designed kits can be printed in a ghost color ink to match your departments specific vehicle color

Custom Designed Badges

Looking for an easy way to match all your departments existing badges, crest or city/state seals? CGVA has highly skilled in house designers that can reproduce any existing decal from an existing file, scan or uploaded photograph to match the current specifications.


Or, you may be ready for something new with updated effects, colors and fills. We are here to help you get exactly what your looking for.

Custom badges are great for building a professional look. Printed on your choice of one of four material options, our full-color badges come in a wide range of options, so that you can add them to anything (and everything) you want.

Ready to create? Explore our assortment of fully customizable design options. Once you’ve found a favorite, make your own design by requesting all your custom touches. We’ll take care of the rest, printing your design on your choice of vinyl, along with gold or silver foil with self-stick adhesive backing. Your decals will arrive ready for you to peel them off and apply them to any clean, dry surface. Including surfaces with light to medium texture (painted block walls, floors and cabinets).

reflective law enforcement badges
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